Boxer guinea pigs


Seams (!) to me that the leap to making garments from craft sewing is a pretty big one for many starter sewists sew I have  been trying to anticipate some of the skills that my sewing peeps may wish to acquire and run short courses to deliver them.  Hence running “knickers” as a means of working with stretch fabrics and elastic,  “purses” for dealing with a lining and frame and “Boxers” for applying elastic using triple stitch and also great as an introduction to garment construction.

I’ve also been thinking for a while about selling some of my wares as patterns and so am taking the plunge and starting with Boxers……..with instructions and a supportive sew-a-long blog to really enable peeps to make them well at home.  I have road tested the patterns on a number of gentlemen and my husband has made a pair of the boxers to also test for fit and following instructions.    However, what I need is a few volunteers to fly solo with the pattern and instructions to see what it’s like to make them up,using the instructions and blog and then to kindly review the pattern before I publish the real thing on the sewing world.

I wonder….are you a boxer short guineapig?   I will supply you with the fabric, elastic, thread and pattern and would be delighted if you would give me feedback on how you get along with it all.  Please do let me know if you are up for it xxxx I’m looking for 5 volunteers and would like the feedback by the end of August.




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