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I’ve been thinking about some awkward sewing dilemma’s and how specialist tools can be fantastic for helping one out in sticky situations.  Whilst cruising around my local poundland I stumbled on this rather cute manicure set.  I do try and look after my nails but actually, when it comes down to it I would rather be sewing and damp nail varnish just interferes with it!!  Sew…..I thought how I could repurpose this cute set and attack some common sewing issues at the same time.

photo 1repurposed manicure set

I have come up with my list….

Nail scissors with very sharp points are fantastic for trimming stray threads from applique, slashing through buttonholes and cutting/trimming at pivot points

Hoof stick – especially this one as it is double ended is fantastic for pushing out corners and encouraging a clean edge of curved seams when turning them through.

Tweezers – brilliantly helpful for removing tailor tacks and threading overlockers.

Toe clipper – got a bit stuck on this one so any suggestions would be very welcome.

How can you repurpose items in your sewing room?

in stitches,

Amanda x

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