Mrs Bowden’s top tip – velvet comfort

Mrs Bowden’s top tip – velvet ribbon waistband
This is just a little tip as we are rather busy at Felixstowe Sewing School preparing for the Big 4th Birthday Bash Charity Sewathon. It made me realise the importance of comfortable clothing when one is up against it and jolly busy.  So here is this week’s little tip.
You can use this technique when you have made a garment with a waistband; skirt, trousers or culottes.  Measure the length of the waistband and add 3 cm for turning.  Pin the ribbon to just cover the seam where you attached the waistband to the body of the garment.  Turn the ends of the ribbon under by 1.5 cm and slip stitch in place.  Having this velvety loveliness will not only be comfortable, it will cover up any unsightly seam turnings that may dwell below!

Until then,

in stitches,

Mrs Bowden x

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