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Mrs Bowden’s top tip – contrasting thread

Mrs Bowden’s top tip – contrasting thread

It’s a simple one but effective!
Here are a couple of garments that I am presently making which inspired this week’s top tip.

On the left is a modern ‘retro’ Butterick pattern for a charming tea dress. You can see I have created quite ornate hand embroidered motifs on the front yolks; based on a lily.

On the right is a jacket pattern from the 1950’s.  It has double darts on the front to emphasise the waist line.  I have also added bound buttons to showcase the very splendid mother of pearl centre green buttons I had.  I have also created a lining for this garment.  I’m making it to go with a skirt I made a few years ago so will now have a bobby dazzler suit to wear!

Use a significantly contrasting coloured thread to create your tailor tacks and gathering stitches.   It makes life so much easier as you can both find the marks and also to remove them!
Told you it was a simple one!

Until next time.

in stitches,

Mrs Bowden x

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