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top tip; avoiding misaligned seams

top tip; avoiding misaligned seams

Sometimes you will need to join strips of fabric together (patchwork) or add bands of fabric to a garment. This is a great tip for making sure you get matching lines and avoid nasty steps in your work.

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Once you have joined 2 pieces of fabric together press both the seams to one side. Prepare the next 2 pieces of fabric and press both seams together but going in the opposite direction.

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When you come to sew the pieces together you will notice the seams will automatically ‘nestle’ into one another.

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Use a pin to plunge through the stitching on one side and flip the fabric over – you can check to see if the pin has come out on the corresponding point or if it needs a bit of adjustment. Sew your seam, step back admire your lovely matching seam lines.


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