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Mrs Bowden’s top tip – piping part two

Mrs Bowden’s top tip – piping part two

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Mrs Bowden’s top tip – piping part two.
Following on from last week’s top tip I thought I would delve into piping insertion.  I found this splendid photograph of mega pipes – thankfully the scale we are working with is much, much smaller!
Onwards to insertion.  With the right
side of the fabric facing you, lay the cut edges of the piping along the edge and tack in place.
Place the right side of the second piece of fabric on top, matching the cut edges and pin in position.  Using a zipper foot sew along the edge of the piping as snuggly as you can in order for it to be held in place.
Remove the tacking and flip the seams to one side before pressing.  Try to use the edge of the iron so the piping doesn’t get flattened.  It’s at this point you could edge finish the seams together – particularly helpful if you are making soft furnishings.
Piping can be used in so many ways, but here are a couple of examples.  On the left is a tea dress made from a jolly heart print viscose with piped detailing on the yolk and collar.  On the right you can see a double edged piping that has been inserted on a princess seam to emphasise the shape of the bodice.
Next week I’ll take you through a few easy techniques for joining piping.  Have a grand few days in the meantime.

In stitches,

Mrs Bowden xx

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