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Mrs Bowden’s top tip – piping part 3

Mrs Bowden’s top tip – piping part 3

Mrs Bowden’s top tip – piping part 3
Something I was particularly partial to as a child (I daresay I would also be tempted nowadays) was liquorice, particularly pipes as you had the extra feature of the pink bobbly bits on the end!  There lies my introduction to piping part 3.
Last week we went through inserting the piping into a seam and this naturally leads on to how you join the ends of piping together.  For example, you may wish to pipe the perimeter of a cushion, in which case a join is necessary.
I am going to offer you two techniques for joining or disguising piping joins. 
The first, and simplest method, is to lose the join on the corner of the product.  Stitch one side of piping to the fashion fabric.  Lay the other end of the piping over in a cross and stitch into position.  Trim the ends of the piping to reduce bulk.  You can then lay the other layer of fashion fabric on top and stitch into position.  You can always refer to last week’s top tip about piping insertion.
Another method is to lay one end over another on a straight side, stitch and then trim the flange to lay flush with it’s neighbours.
This is a surprisingly effective means of joining piping and if you consider the most discrete position to place it in the join will hardly show at all.
Hope you found that helpful and have a fantastic week!

In stitches,

Mrs Bowden xx

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