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I have been quite taken aback and for those that know me ‘lost for words’ doesn’t really apply to me very often!  I imagined when I started my sewing school that if I was lucky I might have some lovely things to say on the first anniversary but here I am, 4 months into my new business and able to reflect on some of the positive things that have occurred.  I could go for the data on bookings etc but that’s really relevant only to me and the bank!, what I wanted to focus on was some of the achievements of my sewing peeps so here is a little roll of honour to some of the students that have attended courses with me….

Skirtastic – well done to Hannah, Jennie, Lisa, Iwana and Gloria for ‘graduating’ from their skirt course – a challenge for some, an achievement for all and best news – I know that a few more second versions are already under the presser foot!

Dressmaking for Beginners – well done to Nicole, Lou, Laura, Tricia, Rachel, Sally, Caroline, April, Charmaine, Helen, Laura (T), Jo, Linda, Gloria, Su, Maggie, Joyce, Jan, Sharon, Samantha and Liette.

Vintage toys – shout out to Lorraine, Sancha, Claire, Lisa, Lisa, Samantha, Nicole, Samantha, Lily, Kerry and Vicky.

Vintage bags – charmed by the fabrics of Millie, ‘Gran’, Kayleigh, Karly and Gaynor

All those folks who have now successfully made friends with their sewing machines! – Sally, Claire, Lucy, Lucy, Gloria, Dawn, Warren, Cecile and Peter.

All those sewing peeps now trotting around in fine aprons! – Tricia, Jan, Gloria and Iwana

I could go on and what a bonus to have met soooooo many lovely people and have a fab time teaching.


Remember – sewing is good for the soul – I think this picture of Sally sums it up xsally in dress



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