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Ghouls and ghosties – Halloween top tip

Ghouls and ghosties – Halloween top tip

A pricked finger - the  dressmaker's nightmare!

A pricked finger – the dressmaker’s nightmare!

In this season of ghouls and ghosties I thought you would enjoy this blood soaked top tip. Occasionally one can prick oneself whilst sewing – even worse when said blood drips onto your work. Quickly grab some white sewing thread and wind it into a clump. Pop this clump into your mouth and swoosh it around until it’s soaked with saliva. Then apply the soaked thread to the stain and you will see the blood be absorbed by the thread. A word of caution – it will only work with your saliva and your blood so don’t be tempted to use this method on someone else’s work.


In stitches,

Amanda x

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