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Mrs Bowden’s top tip – is your machine haunted?

Mrs Bowden’s top tip – is your machine haunted?

Mrs Bowden’s top tip – is your machine haunted?

Have you ever though devilment and mischief is at play and that your sewing machine might be haunted?

could it be haunted?

could it be haunted?


Has your sewing machine ever wailed or moaned over a bulging seam?

Has your bobbin ever run out at a critical point – as if it knew you needed to finish the seam?

Has your reel ever leapt off your machine as if possessed?

Has your sewing machine jumped about as if in an uncontrollable frenzy when you put your foot down on the pedal?


If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above you may find this week’s top tip’s useful and I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that your machine probably isn’t haunted…….


Moaning and groaning over bulging seam?  The motor is under stress due to the bulk of the fabric.  Grab the fabric from behind the presser foot whilst pressing down on the pedal – give the work a gentle tug to help it over the bulge.


Bobbin mayhem – check before you do something tricky.  If you are sewing something that has required a lot of pinning to get right you may want to add some tacking which can stay in whilst you are stitching so even if you do run out the preparation is still in place.


Leaping reels – turn the thread the other way around – some machines are very sensitive to the way the thread runs off the reel.  Also, sewing at very slow speeds sometimes causes slack in the threading so check it before starting if you know you have been stitching at a snails pace.

Sewing machine

Sewing machine

Uncontrollable leaping……..was your presser foot down properly?  This holds the fabric in place and works in conjunction with the feed dogs underneath.  The upper tension is also engaged when the presser foot is down so make sure it is!

I do hope some of your fears have been put to rest and you can enjoy some seasonal sewing!


In stitches,


Amanda xx

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