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Mrs Bowden’s top tip – playing about with ric rac

Mrs Bowden’s top tip – playing about with ric rac

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Mrs Bowden’s top tip – playing about with ricrac
Some of you may know how much I like ricrac and there is sew (!) much one can do with it.  This week’s top tip guides you through some decorative techniques which can be utilised to elevate this humble braid.  As you can see I have been embroidering ric rac birds amongst other things!
Here we have a set of basic applications.

1. Show the standard single line of stitching to apply ricrac to a base fabric.  You can see the line of stitching falls between the curves as there is a straight line in there!

2. You can create a different effect sewing two lines of ricrac close together and then applying a length of ribbon over the top – if you use close colours it looks as though you have a very fancy ribbon – contrasting colours will give a super look too.

3. Sewing multiple lines of ricrac together can give a strong edge.

4.  Applying ricrac over ribbon emphasises the curviness of this braid,

Why wouldn’t you have a row of wading flamingoes around the bottom of a top or decorating some table linen?
There are so many variations it will surprise you I am sure.  How about a dainty bunch of cherries?
If you have a desire to create lots of lovely effects with ric rac and use them to make a few little products such as a corsage or sampler needle book why not join me for a ric rac day on……Saturday, 17th June 2017.  Do contact me if you are interested or book on line via the website www.felixstowesewingschool.co.uk.

Until then,

in stitches,

Mrs Bowden x

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