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Mrs Bowden’s top tip – safe removals

Mrs Bowden’s top tip – safe removals

Mrs Bowden’s top tip – safe removals!
This marvellous van lives in Felixstowe and belongs to a local firm that occasionally give it a drive out for shows.  I am including it in this week’s top tip as this week it is a quick one about safe removals…….
I have been working on this dress using Butterick 6485.  This is a reproduction pattern with lovely yolk detailing and a very forgiving fit around the middle as the shape is achieved with a sash from the side seams that gets tied at the back waist.  Plenty of room for pudding in this dress!
I have been using a length of original rayon cloth from the 1930’s which I picked up on holiday this year.  The drape is heavenly.

In order to emphasise the yolk detailing, bearing in mind how inky blue the fabric is, I designed a lily based motif in white embroidery for the front.

The other modification I made to the pattern was to eliminate the whacking great bit zip that was recommneded to be used right down the centre back.  Instead I recut the facing pattern to have a dainty back neck closure with rouleau loops.  Also meaning that I was able to use 4 of the most beautiful buttons in my stash.!
Upwards and onwards as they say.  To this week’s top tip; safe removals.

When working with such a fine fabric it is very easy to snal and pucker the cloth – particularly when removing tacking, tailor tacks and gathering threads.

To reduce the risk of pulling the fabric, simply use a large eyed needle with a rounded top to gently tease the stitches away from the fabric.

It’s a simple tip but very effective.  Happy sewing to you all.

in stitches,

Mrs Bowden x

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