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Sewing machine servicing and repair

Sewing machine servicing and repair

care&adjustment-cornell Felixstowe Sewing School can now offer servicing and repair of most types of domestic sewing machine for the areas of Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex! servicing is performed by a Tech 1 and 2 qualified Technician. Your machine will be cleaned, oiled,greased, have a new needle and will have the shuttle timing and needle bar inspected and adjusted where necessary (and any other bits and pieces that may need doing!). Any additional work will be quoted for and all parts (except needle replacement) and labour will be charged as extra. Please call Tim on 07831 397096 or email me on [email protected] to book in your machine  DONT WAIT UNTIL YOUR MACHINE BREAKS, BOOK TODAY! recently serviced:

singer confidencesinger Serenade 30

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  1. Mike Deane says:

    I am struggling to remove the tension post on my singer 29k. Is this something you could do?

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